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Your character has certain needs to function. These needs are shown in the bottom left corner of the game as green bars that go down over time. The current needs in the game are sleep, bathroom, and hygiene, though future needs are going to be introduced including hunger, and social interactions.

Your character will grow tired over time as shown by the sleep need bar furthest to the left. You can lower this need (raise the green bar) by sleeping in a bed, which is done by pressing E while standing next to the head of the bed. Your character will be woken up by an alarm each day at 6 AM. If your sleep bar reaches 0 your character will pass out where they are standing, and you will be unable to control the character until they wake up again.

Your character also has a bladder, and will need to periodically use a toilet to alleviate their need to pee. Pressing E while standing next to a toilet will cause the character to start using it. Moving directly away from the toilet will end the current bathroom session and allow you to conttnue playing. If your bathroom need reaches 0 then your character will pee themselves, which will greatly reduce their hygiene.

Your character gets dirty over time, which is shown by the hygiene need bar. Using a shower by pressing E while standing next to a shower will cause your character to begin washing themselves. As with using a toilet you can end the shower whenever you want by moving directly away from it. If your hygiene gets too low NPCs will no longer speak with you, insulting you instead, and this may harm your relationships with them.

Your character gets hungry over time, which is shown by the hunger need bar. Eating food by pressing Space while holding an edible item will reduce some of your hunger. If your hunger gets too low you will move very slowly until you eat something. Planned updates include hospitalizing the player if they don't eat for several days.