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Another important aspect of Harvest World is the animals, which are another way you can make money on your farm.

The Horse

When you start the game there is a stray horse that lives on your farm. This horse will be your constant companion throughout the game. When left alone on the farm the horse will wander around and sometimes stop for a bit. You can ride the horse to move around faster by walking up to the horse when it has stopped and pressing E. The horse can be ridden into town to speed up getting to different stores, and when dismounted in town it will stay where you leave it. When you return to your farm your horse will be there regardless of whether you ride the horse back to your farm or not.


Cows can be purchased at the livestock store in the Northwest corner of the town. Once purchased cows will appear on your farm near the entrance.

Cows need long grass to eat, and each cow requires at least 15 squares of long grass planted on the farm to remain properly fed. Long grass can be purchased from the livestock store and planted in your field. If you have less than 15 squares of long grass per cow your cows will start to grow hungry. If the cows get too hungry eventually one of them will die from starvation. Currently there is no way to remove a dead cow from your farm, but a livestock removal service will be coded into the game in the future.

When you walk up to a cow it will stop moving around. If you would like to move the cow somewhere you can push the cow in the direction you're facing by moving into the cow. However once you turn to change direction the cow might wander off, so moving the cow in multiple directions can be an annoying excercise.

You make money off your cows by milking them and selling the milk. This is done by pressing the E key when facing a cow while you are holding an empty glass jug. Jugs can be purchased from the livestock store. Each cow can only be milked once per day. When you sell a jug full of milk an empty glass jug will be placed in your storage shed, so you only need to purchase one glass jug per cow you own.


Chickens can also be purchased from the livestock store, and will appear on your farm once purchased.

Chickens are perfectly happy to eat bugs and seeds in the standard grass on the farm, so you do not need to provide food for them. Chickens will wander about of their own volition but will remain within any enclosed area they are put in. Each chicken will lay 1 egg per day, which can be either cooked, or sold.

You can move your chickens by carrying them around. This is done by first picking up the chicken by walking into the chicken to get it to stop moving, and then pressing E next to the chicken. You will carry the chicken until you press E again to put it down. Chickens can only be put down within the farm where there are no objects or other animals in the way.