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The game is controlled using the keyboard. If you are on mobile, mobile controls with key labels have been created which can be toggled on and off using the button at the top of the game.


Movement is controlled using the WASD keys, where W moves the charcter up, A moves them left, S moves them down, and D moves them right.

Movement is done in a tile based system, where each tile is 32x32 pixels. When a movement key is pressed the character will first turn in the new direction before they start moving. The character will move one tile at a time when a key is pressed. If a movement key is held down the character will continue to move until the key is released, and will stop once completely in the final tile.

Storage Controls

W and S
In any storage menu (this includes the storage shed, the shipping box, and the stores in town) the W and S keys are used to navigate up and down the items and change which item is currently selected.
A and D
The A and D keys are used in the storage menues to move items to the storage or into the backpack.
Pressing R while in a storage menu will switch between the storage and backpack so you can move items back and forth between the two.
Pressing E while in a storage menu will close the storage menu. If done when shopping this will cause you to purchase any items added to your backpack.

Other Controls

The currently selected item is shown in the backpack at the bottem right of the game. You can switch to the next item by pressing the Q key. Each press of the Q key will switch to the next item.

The E key is the primary interaction key. This key is used to open and close storage bins, start and end riding the horse, talk to NPCs, and shop.

The R key is the build key. Any currently selected item that is placeable (ie. can be built or placed on your farm) will be placed in front of the character when R is pressed. This can only be done on your farm, you can't build anywhere else.

The G key is used to pick up an item, or deconstruct a part of a building. Pressing G will remove the item or building material directly in front of ther player and place it in their backpack. As with construction this can only be done on your farm so you can't steal anything from the town.

If a tool is the currently selected item pressing SPACE will cause your character to use that tool on the tile you are currently facing.