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Welcome to the Harvest World documentation.

Harvest World is a game coded in Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and is inspired by Harvest Moon and The Sims.

The game is still in developement, and will be updated intermitently when the creator has time.

Recent Updates
- 26/09/2017 Added glass jug and milk jug objects
- 26/09/2017 Can use glass jugs to milk cows once per day
- 26/09/2017 When you sell milk jugs, glass jugs are placed in storage
- 29/09/2017 Made mobile controls for movement bigger
- 01/10/2017 Added hunger needs bar and several food items
- 08/10/2017 Added stove object and ability to some items into food items
- 08/10/2017 If hunger gets too low the player slows down
- 08/10/2017 Player can eat food items to reduce hunger
- 08/10/2017 Tool shop added to town (no npc yet)
- 09/10/2107 Added potatoes and ability to cook them.
- 09/10/2017 Added chickens and ability to buy them at livestock shop
- 12/10/2017 Chickens now lay eggs which can be cooked or sold
- 18/10/2017 You can now carry around chickens to move them
- 12/12/2017 The hoe can now be used to remove planted seeds
- 12/12/2017 The scythe can now be used to remove grown crops

Known Bugs
- FIREFOX, menus have a pixel padded to each image causing the menu not to scroll far enough
- SAFARI, sound does not loop, and when loaded causes the clock function to fail

Current Features
- Can build walls and floors
- Can place objects and doors
- Moving through doors makes them open and close
- Game has a clock and day/night cycle
- Bed and sleep need introduced
- Character passes out when sleep need reaches 0
- Can till the field and plant crops
- Crops grow over time when watered
- Money and item shipping introduced
- Can collect crops and ship them
- Storage shed can be used to store items
- Carrying more than 40 weight hinders movement
- Introduced NPCs and dialogue interactions
- Message system and display introduced
- Ability to save current game introduced
- Fishing introduced
- Town with shops to purchase more items created
- Bladder and toilet introduced
- Hygiene meter and shower introduced
- Peeing self added
- NPCs won't interact when Hygiene is low
- Weeds and scythe added
- Horse that wanders around fields created
- Ability to ride horse introduced
- Horse can be ridden into town
- Additional animals, cows, introduced
- Cows stop when you walk up to them
- Livestock store in town
- Added ability to purchase cows (no store npc yet)
- Can move cows around by pushing them
- Added long grass for cows to eat
- Cows need long grass or they will slowly starve to death