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As this game is about managing a farm growing and selling crops is a large part of the game. Currently there are only a few types of crop in the game, however more will be introduced with future updates.

Types of Crop
There are two types of crops in the game, those that once picked do not grow back, and those that will grow a new fruit or vegetable each time they are picked. Crops that can only be picked once have cheaper to purchase seeds, and tend to grow faster than crops that can be picked multiple times.

Planting Crops
Crops can be planted in your field by holding the seeds above a tilled tile, and pressing R to plant the crop. Once planted the crop cannot be removed, although this will be changed in a future update.

Crop Growth
Crops will grow during the day when the sun is up provided they have been watered that day. You can water crops by using the watering can tool, and it is recommended you do this at least once a day to ensure consistent crop growth. Growth is shown through different staged of the plant, with the final pickable stage having the fruit or vegetable visible on the plant.

Removing Crops
Seeds planted in an undesired location can be removed by using the hoe on them. This destroys the seeds, so only do this if you really planted them in the wrong location.

Crops that have sprouted can be cut down with the scythe when they are no longer desired. Doing this permanently removes that crop.

Current Crops
Carrots are a single growth crop that can be sold for $50.

Tomatoes are a multi growth crop that can be sold for $35.

Corn is a multi growth crop that can be sold for $50.

Potatoes are a single growth crop that can be sold for $60.