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Founded in 2002 by Brian De La Franier, Tavarin Web Design has been making websites to suit a wide variety of purposes for years. Our websites are all designed with the client to ensure they deliver the exact look and content that you want. We build websites with the philosophy of speed, functionality, and ease of navigation, avoiding the modern trends of bloated and slow to load websites that are commonly seen today.

From social networks, to forums, to media portfolios, to stores, we've designed and built a websites to service a wide variety of needs which are easily controlled and customized by our clients using an in house developed content management system. If you want a website that works well, looks good, and lets your users find everything they are looking for then look no further than us to build your website.

Example Websites

Explore our fully functional example websites below to get an idea of the styles, features, and variety available to you if you hire us to make your website.

Theatre Company

With a clean minimal design, this website offers a wide variety of content all of which is client managed with a custom content management system. The fast, responsive menus and rapid loading times make this website a joy to navigate, while providing an enjoyable aesthetic and large amount of information.

Content Features

Several interactive and website management tools have been developed by Tavarin Web Design so you don't have to pay for costly third party versions.

  • Tavarin designed content management system
  • Tavarin designed media scroll and display
  • Tavarin designed forum
  • Tavarin designed quiz and trivia platform
  • Tavarin designed news reel and display

Content Management System

Why use a limited third party content management system when we can create a custom system to suit your needs. Easy to use, our in house content management system has been used to add items to store websites, upload new media, create news posts, and member profiles. We can make a system for your website to the exact needs you have.

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