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The Bacchae - February 11th-14th 2015
The Bacchae

Directed By:
Emma Keil-Vine

February 11th-14th 2015
Hart House Theatre

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WolfPAC Presents
The Bacchae by Euripides, adapted by Kaitlyn Uniacke

The official entry for the 2015 UofT Drama Festival

The chilling story of the god Dionysus, and those who attempt to oppose him.

After being disgraced and forgotten by his past worshipers, Dionysus returns to Thebes to punish the town for their blasphemy. Some follow him willingly, some are bewitched, and those who attempt to stay strong must face the full brunt of his wrath.

Shak Haq - Dionysus
Katarina Prystay - Pentheus
Stephanie Zeit - Agave
Katrina Elmsley - Follower One
Alexandra Schoenburn - Follower Two
Ela Alphonsus - Follower Three
Jeremy Gralla - Cadmus
Maher Sinno - Teiresias

Emma Keil-Vine - Director
Vidhya Elango - Stage Manager
Liz McLoughlin - Production Manager

Woodsworth Performing Arts Collective, or Wolf PAC, is a theatre initiative founded in 2014 to bring more performance and learning opportunities to the University of Toronto campus.

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