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The Government Inspector - November 13th-15th, 2014
Written by Nikolai Gogol

Directed By:
Shak Haq, Liz McLoughlin

November 13th-15th, 2014
Sam Sorbara Auditorium

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WolfPAC Presents

Mayor, Judge, Chief of Police, & other crooked characters are sent into a tailspin, as a visit from a Government Inspector looms large on their town.

It's all brown envelopes & bribes as this befuddled group frantically try to keep the show on the road at all costs.

But could a case of mistaken identity sabotage their efforts?

Thurs Nov 13th at 9PM
Fri Nov 14th at 9PM
Sat Nov 15th at 9PM
At Sam Sorbara Auditorium, Brennan Hall Second Floor (81 St. Mary St.)

Christopher Shackleton - The Governor
Madeleine Swinkin - Anna, his wife
Megan Walters - Marya, his daughter
Jeremy Gralla - The Judge
Angela Sun - The Director of Charities
Melissa Anne Fearon - The Inspector of Schools
Thierry Mubirigi - The Postmaster
Lawrence Zhang - Dobchinsky, a squire
Rion Chow - Bobchinksy, a squire
Chelsea Dab Hilke - Ivan Aleksandrovich Khlestakov
Marie Trotter - Osip

Ela Alphonsus - A Merchant
Priya Kaur - Korobkin, royalty
Deandra Neretlis - Mishka, a servant
Erum Syeda - Ensemble

Shak Haq - Director
Liz McLoughlin - Assistant Director
Jan Venus - Costume Designer
Vidhya Elango - Assistant Costume Design
Kenzia Dalie - Props Design
Sally Nakazi - Commedia dell'arte Artistic Consultant
Emma Burns - Language Consultant (Russian)

Alexandra Brennan - Stage Manager
Kenzia Dalie - Assistant Stage Manager
Vidhya Elango - Assistant Stage Manager
Thomas Gow - Assistant Stage Manager
Siyu Han - Associate Technical Director
Thomas Gow - Assistant Sound Design

Woodsworth Performing Arts Collective, or Wolf PAC, is a theatre initiative founded in 2014 to bring more performance and learning opportunities to the University of Toronto campus.

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