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Lauren Van Klaveren

Lauren Van Klaveren is a third year Victoria College student studying English, Book & Media Studies and Creative Expression. She is an avid actress, performance artist, and writer who especially enjoys analyzing horror films and writing on that topic, among many other topics related to youth culture and media consumption. In December 2014 Lauren performed as Sophia Hasselmayer in a comedic spin of the Nutcracker staged at the White House in Kensington Market, entitled, Da Nutcracker And Dat Rat Bastard (Imaginary Solutions Co). She has performed in UC Follies' production of Rocky Horror Picture Show and will be appearing in Wolfpac's Bare: A Pop Opera.

Wolf PAC Shows They've Been Involved In:

Bare: A Pop Opera

Woodsworth Performing Arts Collective, or Wolf PAC, is a theatre initiative founded in 2014 to bring more performance and learning opportunities to the University of Toronto campus.

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